Welding and Hot Work Safety

Welding and other forms of “Hot Work” present various hazards, which mandate that such operations only be conducted by trained “Authorized Persons.” Kennesaw State University's (KSU's) Welding and Hot Work Policy are consistent with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.251-255. KSU expects that all equipment used for such operations be in service of good repair and inspected prior to use. KSU also requires that any process deemed as “Hot Work” shall be only conducted after having received a signed “KSU Hot Work Permit,” as fire prevention shall be paramount throughout all Hot Work operations, whereby the area shall be inspected by the KSU Fire Safety Supervisor before and after the hot work operations. The person conducting the hot work operations is fully responsible for providing their own trained and qualified Fire Watch and methods to extinguish a fire should it become necessary.