Tent Review Request Form

Below are items an event organizer will need to submit in order to complete the process for permitting tents on campus for events. Please keep in mind Tents/Canopies more than 200sq ft. (with side enclosures) and Tents/Canopies greater than 700sq ft. (no sides enclosed) are subject for site/plan approval from EHS, Cobb County Fire Marshal’s Office and/or State Fire Marshal’s Office. An inspection of the tent(s) will be required by EHS and/or local/state Fire Marshal.  Please provide me with the following regarding the tent and/or canopy:

  • Certificate of liability/insurance for the tent from its vendor.
  • Certificate of flame resistance from tent vendor (Certificate must also be attached to tent once the tent is set up and until the tent is taken down).
  • Any documentation that can be provided stating water ballasts are being used (NO STAKING OF TENTS ALLOWED)
  • A set of drawings (one of the tent in relation to the property/property lines it is being set on, a drawing of the tent and/or canopy itself to scale with its exits and any set up inside of the tent)
  • Please provide details of the event such as approximate number of people expected at the event, duration/times of the event, will there be any cooking/burners/warmers in or around the tent (none of which not recommended), and will there be any use of generators. 
  • Any burners/warmers utilized will have to be noted in the plans with details/schematics on such equipment included in this packet (A portable Fire Extinguisher shall be provided and staged inside the tent).
  • The use of Tobacco products are prohibited on KSU’s campus. (No smoking signs shall be posted around the tent)
  • Plan for and mention in drawings the placement of exit signs, fire extinguishers, and adhere to regulations on placement of warmers within tents/temporary shelters. (Exit signs are required is the occupant load is over 50 persons)
  • Please provide specifications on any equipment (such as heaters, stages, etc…) being utilized in or around the tent and/or canopy