Fire and Life Safety

Kennesaw State University (KSU) is committed to minimizing Fire and Life Safety Hazards.

The Fire and Life Safety Programs at KSU provide information on policies, procedures, and tools relating to fire and life safety on KSU owned/operated facilities. The University is a diverse organization with facilities and operations that have potential to impact fire and life safety. Fire and Life Safety practices are governed by the Georgia Safety Fire Law, County ordinances, national consensus standards and guidelines and industries best practices. The Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Cobb County Fire Marshal’s Office and the Kennesaw State Fire and Life Safety Office within the Department of Environmental Health and Safety enforce applicable laws, codes, and standards.

Some State or Federal regulations may require specific operations to be permitted, which establishes and enforces minimum regulatory requirements to ensure compliance is maintained. Inspections, testing, maintenance, permitting, plan reviews, and trainings are all provided to the highest level possible. Below are current KSU Fire and Life Safety programs and forms:

Event Request (DocuSign)

Fire Extinguisher Request

Fire Extinguisher Training Request

Fire Protection System Shutdown or Modification Permit Request

Hot Work Permit Request

Inspection Request

Tent Review Request

Food Truck

Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Display

Carnival Rides/Inflatables