Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is needed when personnel are required to work in an area that is oxygen deficient or where harmful dusts, mists, fog, smoke, fumes, gases, vapors or sprays are present.  If exposed to harmful conditions, a person may develop cancer, lung impairment, other diseases or death.

At KSU, we desire to provide engineering controls, such as laboratory fume hoods, that will eliminate the hazards and thus reduce the need for personnel to wear respirators.  However, in those jobs where a respirator is required, a respirator protection program will be employed.

The solution is not as simple as choosing a respirator and wearing it.  A person must be trained on the correct use of a respirator, care of a respirator and undergo a fit test for a particular respirator.  A medical evaluation is also required for persons who are required to wear a respirator on the job.

If your work environment requires the use of a respirator or if you need to have your work environment evaluated, please contact us.