Chemical Purchase Approvals

All chemicals and chemical products purchased at KSU must be reviewed and approved by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) prior to purchase. Chemical Inventory Management is required by the Workplace Right to Know “Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right to Know Act of 1988” (O.C.G.A.45-22-2). Part of this law requires KSU to have on hand and make available all safety data sheets (SDS) for all hazardous chemicals and products we hold in our possession. An online solution, MSDSOnline, is employed by KSU for storing the SDSs for the chemicals that have been approved for use at KSU. Additional SDSs are added as needed. KSU employs a chemical management system, Chematix, for chemical tracking and waste management. Chemicals are tracked from delivery to disposal through the system. All chemicals and chemical products are included.

P-Card Purchases

Requisitioners must check the “EHS Approval” box on the P-Card Prior Approval Request form for the request to be routed to the EHS approval team. Once approval is granted by an EHS team member, the PCard Prior Approval Request form is routed to the Fiscal Approvers and the Approving Officials as stated in the Job Aid, Submitting a P-Card Prior Approval Request (Job Aid PC7). No other documentation is required other than the EHS approval on the P-Card Prior Approval Request form.

Requisitioners who use the paper form of the Prior Approval Request should fill out the form and set as an approving email address. Add a field for an EHS team member signature and a date signed.

ePro Purchases

Chemicals and chemical products procured through ePro are flagged and routed to EHS. Approval in ePro by an EHS team member is enough for purchasing the chemical. No other documentation is required.

OwlPay Purchases

Chemicals and chemical products procured through OwlPay are flagged and routed to EHS; however, EHS does not recommend the use of OwlPay for purchasing chemicals and other hazardous materials because there is no mechanism for review and approval before the hazardous material is purchased.

Other Hazardous Materials or Equipment Purchases

In addition to chemicals and chemical products, EHS must also approve other hazardous materials that will be used on KSU property. These approvals include all biohazardous materials, radiological materials, and hazardous equipment such as lasers, equipment that contains lasers, 3D printers, radiation producing equipment, shop equipment that requires guarding, ventilation, or other safety measures, (e.g. equipment other than hand tools), equipment that requires high voltage, etc. If you wonder whether what you are about to purchase needs EHS approval, please contact us at so we can review your purchase before it is procured.

Preapproved Chemical Product List (NEW)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are some chemical products that are preapproved and do not need to be sent through the approval process with every purchase. These products have been researched and the safety data sheets, if available, can be found in the KSU eBinder at MSDSOnline.  Some of the products are hazardous and the user should be familar with the hazards.  If the product you wish to order is not listed, then please contact EHS at before you purcahse the product or simply check the EHS APPROVAL on the P-card prior approval form.  We will research it and add it to the list if approved. The list can be accessed here.  The list will be updated accordingly.