Environmental and Occupational Safety Policy

Kennesaw State University (KSU) maintains an Environmental and Occupational Safety Management System (EOSMS) which provides a common framework for systematic approach to managing Environmental and Occupational Safety (EOS) risks and ensuring compliance with environmental, health and safety rules and regulations. The EOSMS supports implementation of the University's EOS policy by providing a mechanism to achieve the stated policy objectives.

KSU's management system has fifteen (15) elements which form the cornerstone of the system. The Director of EHS is charged with the responsibility of managing the EOSMS.


Motor Vehicle Operator Policy

The State of Georgia, through the Department of Administrative Services, requires KSU to maintain a motor vehicle operator program policy that ensures that all employees who drive vehicles on behalf of the institution have the appropriate documentation of a license to drive and operate the vehicle.  The policy requires appropriate training based on the nature of the driving requirements associated with the employee's position.


Please visit policy.kennesaw.edu to review a copy of the latest EHS policies.