Incident Reporting

Reporting University-Related Incident/Safety Concerns

All KSU employees and students should report, as soon as possible, any of the following that occurs on campus, at a University controlled workplace, or while engaged in any University sanctioned activity:

a)      Incidents resulting in injury or illness.

b)      Near-miss incident with no injuries.

c)      Incidents resulting in environmental damage.

d)      Incidents resulting in property damage.

Serious incidents or incidents requiring immediate medical attention should be reported immediately by calling the campus emergency number 470-578-6666 or extension 6666 or 911. All other incidents should be reported in within 24 hours of becoming aware of the incident, injury or illness. 

Reporting for incident should be done by the employee using the University’s online incident reporting tool in EtQ Reliance. They system should also be used to report safety concerns

Please click on the link below to complete an incident report. 

Report an Incident/Safety Concern  

How to Use Reliance 

How to Use Reliance  

Short training videos have been prepared to help guide new users on how to use the new incident reporting tool on Reliance. Please click on the link below {links to training resource} to access the training videos.

 Need Assistance?

If you have any questions regarding incident reporting, please contact HR at via email at or EHS at or at 470-578-3321. If you experience any technical difficulties while trying to use the system, please contact UITS Help Desk at extension 470-578-6999 or via email at